Saturday, February 4, 2012


The purpose of this blog to serve as an ongoing reflection of my design/thought process. Initially, I'll be documenting the progress of my final project on the Foundation Art & Design course (Fashion Design pathway) at Central Saint Martins. As outlined in the Unit 7 learning outcomes and assessment criteria, I intend to use this blog to provide evidence of the breadth and depth of research, thinking, critical consideration, analysis, experimentation, adaptation, reflection, and other supplemental and vital development underlying creative output. It will function as a place to collect research and inspiration as well as self-evaluate and reflect as the project progresses and eventually document my creative experimentations and outcomes in various media; it will be an "effective presentation of work to appropriate audiences" as per unit learning outcomes. I will organize posts using the labels feature, for example: Unit 7, info file, research, reflective journal, etc., to more effectively arrange relevant information.

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