Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Intaglio Project 2 Complete

Spent way more time on this project that I anticipated, mostly due to computer issues which reminded me why I hate working on a computer, waking up at 3 and 4am to check whether or not a 90+ minute render has failed. I couldn't even render the full 9x12 image I had planned due to the 300dpi requirement necessary for printing, I changed my plans entirely at the last minute and created a layout of several smaller images.
Plate 1: Ambient Occlusion pass - an approximation of light radiating off non-reflective surfaces, self-occlusion and occlusion of and by surrounding objects
Plate 2: Reflections pass - surfaces set to 100% reflectivity, simulated generation of photon radiance emitted from 100% white surface "lights"
Designs for both plates printed on film with Xante digital printer which adds halftone dots
Copper plates coated with adhesive photosensitive film, allowed to dry then exposed with UV point light in vacuum table, developed like a photo in darkroom
Plates going in the acid bath, ferric chloride acts as an etchant on exposed copper
Closeup of etched copper plate magnified with jeweler's loupe, areas of photosensitive film that received the most exposure remain on the plate while areas that were occluded by the image remain as exposed copper that can be etched with acid
Finally, pulling prints from inked plates
"Consistent" edition of 7 prints on Yuki Gampi paper, 16x12
A schematic montage of a post-urban virtual space, digitally created and accessible as 3D geometry, printed anachronistically. Concrete jungle gives way to tropical cyberspace, ageographical networks driven by efficiency of connectivity, proximity to novelty, the appeal of the city extrapolated into the appeal of the "social network", the malleable, user-oriented virtual interactive environment.

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