Saturday, March 3, 2012

Roberto Piqueras aw 2012

I woke up an hour before this show and saw it mentioned on tumblr and noticed a friend had invited me on Facebook. This is how we communicate now I guess. I made my way over, it was close by, the "runway" a path outside some flats just off Bethnal Green Road. Roberto Piqueras has come from Barcelona to London to do this collection, I think he won a grant and, among other things, was recently sponsored by Burger King (I see french fries in lots of these prints haha). Some of the shoes were Jeffrey Campbell platforms in neon and bearing his prints.  The show was quite intimate; a few members of the Spanish press, local photographers and a crowd of no more than 30 witnessing his print-focused presentation. 

Dystopic images of the Queen and other Anglonalia, colors and forms belonging to the digital realm and some photo based prints, Piqueras' collection looked very "London". This is the kind of thing that will find an eager market on the internet if not in the small, clandestine boutiques around town.

My favorite print motif, a large scale photographic print of some burning candles in front of a branch with the Japanese phrase 私は信じたい (I want to believe). Believe what, I don't know, but it looked nice and wearable.

Guests received a sheet of temporary tattoos like the ones used in the styling of the models. Cute and zeitgeisty as heck.

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