Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Work In Progress: Sketchbook

I haven't had Internet access at home for almost a week so I haven't been able to update this blog! Anyway I've been putting my sketchbook together, working on designs, trying to sort out some screenprinting.
The recommended sketchbook process for students in the CSM Foundation Fashion Design program begins with gathering lots of printed research and in the first few pages of the sketchbook, assembling a collage to immediately convey the general feel or mood of the project through references images, inspiration and some drawing and annotation. It should be visually appealing and give the viewer a clear idea of where design ideas for the project are being drawn from.

From an early point in this project I want to convey moving beyond the physical city metropolis toward a more cyberpunk representation of the meta-city concept, which I tried to encompass with these circuitry-like glowing prints made from drawings of city structures: the "actual" city and the underlying metaphysical "cyberspace" of the city. This is the basic concept I'm attempting to design around; "the future is now", here are garments for those navigating the (de facto cyberpunk) metacity.

"Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding...Symbols, figures, faces, a blurred, fragmented mandala of visual information."

"Expanding - and flowed, flowered for him, fluid neon origami trick, the unfolding of his distanceless home, his country, transparent 3d chessboard extending to infinity. Inner eye opening to the stepped scarlet pyramid of the Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority burning beyond the green cube of the Mitsubishi Bank of America, and high and very far away he saw the spiral arms of military systems, forever beyond his reach."
-William GibsonNeuromancer (1984)

After laying out the initial tone of the project in the first few pages, I'm incorporating more of my own work that responds to the research and inspiration and then getting into actual garment ideas. As the focus moves toward figure and fashion design drawing, print and details are explored, as well as fabric samples and photographs of draping/garment experiments that inform further designs.

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